First Regatta: The 1st one was the summer of 1989. There were no quoits. We had it at Phil's dad's place in the woods of E. Rockhill township.
Second Year: We moved to poconos. We didn't have a quoit tournament but we did find quoits in the shed.
Next Few Years : are fuzzy. I think in '94 we banned clams. I believe '96 was the year of the bizarro regatta at Lapps. I know monkey and GRT won that tournament.
Champions et al. : Me and Reiff won 6. Fil and muth won 5. Pasta won one. Wiz and Steve won 2. And Wiz won with somebody else. Claudel was the worst of all time. Or maybe Opie was worse. Rookie/Rolley are the Buffalo Bills. They always choke. One year Lo and Do appeared out of the woods with a young girl named Chopper. And Randy gave Allman Brothers to Cory and that is all I remember. And I'm not even sure of this much is true.