First Regatta: Many attendees arrived by bicycle and started things off by riding their bikes into the pond. Rus singing, row boat sinking, Joel hurling, duck crossing. Sometimes its best to have these sorts of things remain "folklore." I miss the golf cart.
Rememem, Remememember: A McStiff is a unit of length (not unlike an inch, foot or yard) equal to the length of Randy's foot. I believe its origin dates back to a fuzzy day in a park in Colorado. Allman Brothers for Cory, Randy got "Pearl Harbored" and didn't spill a drop of his drink, the golf cart trips and wreck, Notre Dame fight song, the letter from the neighbor, lots of cannonball, fireworks in the fire, Troy, with helmet and oven mitts on truly looked like a special needs child and to see him flying along behind the golf cart.