The Good: After Muth misses this year, Phil, Russ, and I will be the only lifers left. I still don't know the real names of JFK Jr. and Ramone. Juan is really Dick Bic, the heir to the Bic pen fortune. The guy pissed off at us at Lapp's was Chris Lattimer. Al Quoita and Epstein's Cousin are the two best names for teams.
The Bad: We used to have golf cart. Wismer knocked over an entire table full of trophies. Definitely, Claudell was the worst ever. No, the worst guest ever was the Kenyan. Wiz won with Paddles while some jerk had a bad planned pregnancy.
The Ugly: Randall streaked and sprained his ankle. Pasta almost suffered severe head trauma in a keg stand gone bad incident. Shaf remains the only person to cry. Dick is the shit according to two local bar tramps. Kerrick and Cory wore diapers.
Rule Edifications : A quoit bouncing off the pin out of the pit is a Missy Stickel. All traveling charlie's are measured in McStiffs.