The Fondest : DJ Hour at the first Regatta at Phil's, The mud fight at Bizarro regatta, Leadfist Letchak, Bish being moted , Lobster Dunk tank, Phil chasing cory naked through the woods for getting a double ringer (pre-tournament days), Drinking on Sundays, Having to explain to everyone at work for 6 months why I didn't have glasses since they were broken in a chair tackle by Wiz that resulted in winning 'Most Injured', Jump Time, Firewalking, Lapp's shirt in the fire, Taking turns tackling an empty keg
Yep : My friends are funny intentionally and unintentially. I am ashamed to say that I have participated for 16 consecutive years without winning the big one.
And Another Thing: Little known fact:
Cory is the only one to have won an MVP award in absentia. Muth has an extra nipple